Friday, December 16, 2011

The Facebook Project...

12/ 16/ 2011

Today is the beginning of my log.

I LOVE facebook.  I have always been a social person.  Having those I love at my finger tips...It's a win-win right?  What could go wrong?  What could be bad about facebook?

First I learned that facebook games are ADDICTING... No worries with a little help from my hubby I stopped them.  So facebook is still wonderful right?

Then I started feeling a little depressed and isolated.  How can that be?  I have over "300" friends.  And yet I felt so disconnected.  WHY?  WHY...did I feel so disconnected?  I am learning about this.

I am not going on a facebook fast, purge, or detox.

So what have I decided to do?  I have decided to use facebook for JUST exactly what I intended in the first place.  I will use it as a way to keep in touch.  I will use it on a personal level.  I will 'comment' less and 'inbox' more.  I will NOT check my facebook 20 times a day.

So for the first part of PROJECT FACEBOOK I will record how many times a day I think about or am tempted to use facebook.  I will also record how many times I actually use it and what I do on facebook:

Here we go:
An X for every time I thought about checking facebook:
X X X X(currently 1:38pm) X X X X

An X for every time I DID use facebook and an explanation why
X...I got on facebook one time today.  I checked inbox messages.  Yesterday I wrote a friend that lives in Australia.  She had surgery this year.  I had a thought to write to her yesterday.  She had been on my mind so I sent her an inbox.  I know that she was glad.  I am grateful that I followed that prompting.  I was on facebook about 5 minutes.  Then I got off facebook.  We tucked the children in bed and my husband and I made cookies together.  It was fun!  TODAY...I lived and used facebook as a tool instead of letting it rule my life!  Yeah me!

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