Monday, December 19, 2011

Day Four...Facebook Project

8:23am... Logged on to facebook to send an inbox note regarding weather and plans for this week.  Logged off.

Finish Christmas Cards
Bake Cookies
School with Children
Christmas Music
...we will get to that point then see ;)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day three....Facebook Project

Today is day three and the sabbath.  I did have to look up one thing on Facebook.  I responded to a couple posts.  I was ON and OFF in less than 5 minutes.  I have some fun projects to work on tonight and I might catch an episode of Psych.  I am not out of the woods with being tempted...but I am not feeling the drive to check it daily like I did on day one and day two....RELIEF!!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Day Two...The Facebook Project

Here we go:
12/17/2011 One X for every time I 'thought' about going on facebook...
X X X X X (Honestly...I probably thought about facebook several more times today, but I only used it once...see below)
The second time today that I thought about facebook, I actually thought...I really am not missing anything.

*It seems that when ever I get near the computer I feel the urge to check facebook.  Interesting.  Almost like a drug.  And I set down to check my email and automatically typed 'fa...and facebook came up and hit enter before I even realized what I had typed...WOW...Crazy stuff!

An X for every time I DID use facebook and an explanation why:
X used facebook once today to look up someone for babysitting tonight.  It was helpful and convenient without being a taxing life sucker!  I think I am making progress.

Was woken up early.  I was awakened by my 6 year old at 7:30am saying, MOM WE'RE READY, IT'S TIME!!!
This morning was the Breakfast for Santa party that our Primary/Sunday School puts on.  Great time was had by all.  One of the children's Aunties is in town too.  Good times!

Later today I got things done, Christmas cards, plates to hand out, etc.  The kids went with their dad and Auntie to run errands and then on a fun "work" tour with dad.  They all came home happy and chattering.  It was good!  

We had a really nice adults only dinner tonight with Auntie.  Just what the doctor ordered for mommy who does not get to speak with adults nearly enough!

Friday, December 16, 2011

The Facebook Project...

12/ 16/ 2011

Today is the beginning of my log.

I LOVE facebook.  I have always been a social person.  Having those I love at my finger tips...It's a win-win right?  What could go wrong?  What could be bad about facebook?

First I learned that facebook games are ADDICTING... No worries with a little help from my hubby I stopped them.  So facebook is still wonderful right?

Then I started feeling a little depressed and isolated.  How can that be?  I have over "300" friends.  And yet I felt so disconnected.  WHY?  WHY...did I feel so disconnected?  I am learning about this.

I am not going on a facebook fast, purge, or detox.

So what have I decided to do?  I have decided to use facebook for JUST exactly what I intended in the first place.  I will use it as a way to keep in touch.  I will use it on a personal level.  I will 'comment' less and 'inbox' more.  I will NOT check my facebook 20 times a day.

So for the first part of PROJECT FACEBOOK I will record how many times a day I think about or am tempted to use facebook.  I will also record how many times I actually use it and what I do on facebook:

Here we go:
An X for every time I thought about checking facebook:
X X X X(currently 1:38pm) X X X X

An X for every time I DID use facebook and an explanation why
X...I got on facebook one time today.  I checked inbox messages.  Yesterday I wrote a friend that lives in Australia.  She had surgery this year.  I had a thought to write to her yesterday.  She had been on my mind so I sent her an inbox.  I know that she was glad.  I am grateful that I followed that prompting.  I was on facebook about 5 minutes.  Then I got off facebook.  We tucked the children in bed and my husband and I made cookies together.  It was fun!  TODAY...I lived and used facebook as a tool instead of letting it rule my life!  Yeah me!