Saturday, December 17, 2011

Day Two...The Facebook Project

Here we go:
12/17/2011 One X for every time I 'thought' about going on facebook...
X X X X X (Honestly...I probably thought about facebook several more times today, but I only used it once...see below)
The second time today that I thought about facebook, I actually thought...I really am not missing anything.

*It seems that when ever I get near the computer I feel the urge to check facebook.  Interesting.  Almost like a drug.  And I set down to check my email and automatically typed 'fa...and facebook came up and hit enter before I even realized what I had typed...WOW...Crazy stuff!

An X for every time I DID use facebook and an explanation why:
X used facebook once today to look up someone for babysitting tonight.  It was helpful and convenient without being a taxing life sucker!  I think I am making progress.

Was woken up early.  I was awakened by my 6 year old at 7:30am saying, MOM WE'RE READY, IT'S TIME!!!
This morning was the Breakfast for Santa party that our Primary/Sunday School puts on.  Great time was had by all.  One of the children's Aunties is in town too.  Good times!

Later today I got things done, Christmas cards, plates to hand out, etc.  The kids went with their dad and Auntie to run errands and then on a fun "work" tour with dad.  They all came home happy and chattering.  It was good!  

We had a really nice adults only dinner tonight with Auntie.  Just what the doctor ordered for mommy who does not get to speak with adults nearly enough!

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